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Throwing a party can be a stressful experience. Hours spent on planning for catering, events, and decor can make you want to pull your hair out. However, planning a party can also be one of the most rewarding experiences once the party actually happens. Events are often the most difficult subject to handle when it comes to planning a party, simply because a lot of people don’t know where to begin, and what their guests are going to enjoy. The key to choosing an event is you want your event to be memorable. One event that is bound to be a fun, as well as memorable is hiring a private dancer. PRIVATE DANCER?! Yes, that’s right, a private dancer. Below I have outlined the top ten reasons as to why a private dancer will enhance your adult party experience:

  1. Private dancers are experienced at entertaining crowds. Private dancers are highly-trained when it comes to dealing with people, and are very sociable, pleasant people.
  2. Private dancers are classy. Many people have the misconception that private dancers are inappropriate. This is not necessarily true. Private dancers are NOT like prostitutes, or strippers. They are simply paid to dance.
  3. Private dancers are flexible. LOL-I mean this both literally and figuratively. Yes, most private dancers are able to twist and turn like no other. However, they are also flexible in what YOU, the customer, wants.
  4. Private dancers are funny! A lot of the time, especially male dancers in particular, are able to relieve some of the initial awkwardness that is felt with a private dancer. Male dancers generally use humor with the ladies to lighten up the mood.
  5. Private dancers are relatively inexpensive. In comparison to a stripper, or prostitute, private dancers range around 200-400 dollars per hour. This price seems pretty unbeatable!
  6. Finding private dancers is easy! Especially when in a big city, searching for a reputable private dancer company happens with the click of a button.
  7. Private dancers are tailored to YOUR personal needs. Whether you’d prefer a male or female dancer or a specific costume, these dancers are able to give you what you’d like!
  8. Your party will be unforgettable. Should you decide to hire a private dancer, your party is guaranteed to go down as one of the BEST parties in history amongst your fellow friends.
  9. Private dancers are a good way to spice up an event. Events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, halloween parties, etc, could use an interesting source of entertainment. What better way than with the work of a dancer to liven up the party scene!
  10. Private dancers will save YOU money in the long run! Think about it- spending hundreds of dollars on party favors that have to be doled out to every guest- not worth it! Your guests certainly will not be missing cheap party favors after experiencing the work of a private dancer.

If these reasons haven’t been intriguing and convincing enough for you to strongly consider hiring a private dancer for your event, I would highly encourage checking out some photos online from different booking agencies, and call to have price consultations!

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