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Tank Black Male Exotic Dancer Los Angeles

Female Stripper

Name: Tank
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Black Male Exotic Dancer
Costumes: Birthday Suit, GQ, Surgeon, ATF Agent
Hard as steel, with an ever so soft touch. The names Tank ladies I’m a world known exotic dancer from Los Angeles. I have been a male stripper in Los Angeles since 2005. You may have had the pleasure of watching me perform at a special ladies night out in Los Angeles or a hot bachelorette party for one of your girlfriends. Whatever the affair may be, it’s always nice to have a Tank by your side. Reserve me today and get a load of this heavy artillery.


The mighty TANK Los Angeles’s top black male exotic dancer and stripper! Los Angeles strippers and exotic dancers introduces the KING of Los Angeles Tank! We have over 40 male exotic dancers and strippers to choose from. #1 in Southern California for male and female exotic dancers and strippers in Los Angeles. Call today and reserve the mighty Tank for all you bachelorette, birthday party needs in Los Angeles. We deliver the most charismatic and in shape exotic dancers and strippers in Los Angeles.

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Dance parties by ChocolateCityStrippers.com are unique and a hot way to entertain your guests or yourself with an evening of sexy strippers. Choose from Male or Female, Black, Latin or White exotic dancers or strippers. All our strippers are experienced in the best exotic dancing and strip shows you’ll ever see.

It’s your show! Tell us what you want; exotic, sexy, black, white, latino, male, female, stripper or exotic, hard body or you call it.

They can be a cowboy, doctor, policeman, fireman, or a military officer oozing with sexiness that women can’t wait for the coverings of these hunks to gradually shred off.

Serving Los Angeles County and all of Southern California. Call now 323-302-7188 to order one, two, three or however many strippers you’ll need. Remember when booking your sexy male exotic dancer in Los Angeles or surrounding city, be sure to have a place for your black, white, or asian male exotic dancer to change.

The Men of Chocolate City:

Our staff has taken the time to gather a collection of some of the best male exotic dancers and strippers known to planet earth. Our male exotic dancers and strippers have entertaining the ladies genetically encoded in their blood. Our ebony male exotic dancersLatin male strippers, Caucasian exotic male dancers, even those scintillating Asian male strippers. Our selection of hot hunky exotic dancers is unlimited. We are so sure that we will have a stripper or exotic dancer to turn the party up and out. We have established a level of quality and customer satisfaction that is unmatched in Los Angeles and Southern California. The level and assortment of high quality male exotic strippers is unheralded. Call us today to reserve one, or maybe even two of these rare, and well-qualified male exotic dancers. We also offer special group discount rates when you reserve multiple male exotic dancers. Remember if you need top notch adult entertainment, with male exotic dancers and strippers who are guaranteed to be in shape, personable and well trained stripping machines there’s only 1 Los Angeles strippers, Orange County exotic dancers, San Bernardino’s best male exotic strippers, even serving Riverside and San Diego with the best in exotic male strippers and entertainment.

All Games:

and lap dances do require tipping, if your male stripper or exotic dancer isn’t being tipped he does reserve the right to discontinue the show. Please let all guests know that they should bring change or the hostess have change available. These male strippers work very hard bringing the best in male exotic entertainment to Los Angeles and Southern California. Please treat them well, and you will receive the best in male exotic dancing and stripping Los Angeles has to offer!


is a very intricate part of reserving a sexy black male exotic dancer or stripper. These men work very hard in bringing top -notch entertainment to Los Angeles and deserve to be complimented by reasonable tipping. When you reserve a black male stripper the show fee or booking fee does not include games or other activities the stripper will pay. Each black male stripper or exotic dancer has his or her own format and routines when performing. To have an idea on how much to tip your black male stripper is 10 dollars per party guest. Our dancers also reserve the right to leave at any time during their performance. We have worked very hard to gain a strong solid reputation in the Los Angeles area and Southern California. We promise if you treat your black male stripper with respect he will give you and all your guests the time of your life.

We have the largest collection of Black male exotic dancers and strippers in Los Angeles California! Choose a black male stripper for any event.

  • Strip O Grams
  • Sorority Party’s
  • Retirement Shows
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Bachelorette Party’s
  • Birthday Party’s
  • Graduations
  • Baby Showers
  • 1 on 1 private shows
  • Couple Shows
  • Divorce Party’s
  • Dates for Dinner Party’s
  • Escorts for all events
  • Passion Party’s
  • Office Party’s
  • Just for the Hell of it!

So whether your directly in the Los Angeles metropolitan area , Orange CountyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County, and San Diego County. We deliver the finest male strippers in Southern California, Black male strippers, white male, strippers, and Latino HEAT! So ladies select your choice of our 40 male exotic dancers and strippers in Los Angeles and Southern California and let us do the rest. Thanks to all our supporters for keeping us the #1 male exotic dance agency in California!

Tips for hiring a stripper:

Five various topics someone really need to be familiar with before getting a good Stripper for any Bachelor Party.

1. Find a respected organization:

There are a number of disreputable organizations on the internet, and unless you have got the recommendation of a good friend ., it’s a crapshoot. Search on the internet seek user reviews to get a proper picture of exactly what the company’s level of popularity is like. Be prepared to call the agency’s number and also be specified about what you prefer. Get a good solid reservation confirmation which states what time period the particular stripper is going to arrive, just how long she’ll stay, and also how much it’ll cost. A dependable agency will have no trouble attaining these kinds of inquiries.

2. Choosing the most suitable Woman for the position:

It’s your buddy’s celebration, so look for the sort of girl he’s enthusiastic about seeing. Take him to lunch and have him to talk candidly on what he would like (even if the profile doesn’t match his bride-to-be). Ask in regard to height, weight, ethnicity, appeal. Keep on your mind that he’s getting hitched, so this is his final possibility of see a little something he’s always hoped to see.

3. Paying the correct amount:

skilled professional stripper should can charge anywhere between $150 and $300 an hour for each dancer, however plan to spend more on tips. Be cautious about businesses that ask you to shell out the entire dollar amount up front using a credit-based card.

4. Preparing Her for the Party:

Talk to your stripper beforehand and ensure this person understands when to come in (the opportune period of time is one hour after all of the guests have arrived and they start to get restless). Give him/ her suitable directions and assure there’s an area for her to park so she won’t be circling the area all night. Provide him/ her with a private area to get prepared, just in case she needs it. Consider giving her with some in-jokes pertaining to the groom for her to add into her act if you can.

5. Treat your Stripper with Respect:

Treating your stripper with dignity and respect goes a considerable way towards giving you better entertainment. Tip your stripper liberally. Stay interactive with her performance, but don’t become overbearing or simply pushy. If she doesn’t have a ride it is usually recommended to provide her with taxi fare home. Unexpected spanking of one’s stripper could cause prompt conclusion of your respective show and therefore loss of all the expenses paid.



Keeping all of these helpful tips into consideration can help you be sure that your party is really a success and as a result your buddy has the highest quality send-off feasible into married life.



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